run-on sentences


As pure as the driven snow

As pure as the driven snow

Perhaps it was the ocean air
infused into my lungs
or conceivably
the salty water that came in relations with my skin
day by day, all through summer
it left on my skin, my form, my emotions
I welcomed it
it welcomed me
we bonded despite our distinctions
bonded as the beams of light peaked mid afternoon
leaving lipstick kiss marks in the form of freckles
the hair on my skull became its canvas
constantly lightening what it had done the day before
it wrapped me, keeping me sultry.
it felt innocent, faultless.
it was vandalism.
a summer affair.


Why leave?

So far I have only told a few friends that I am moving to San Francisco. Everyone’s first response is, “Oh my gosh, did you get a job out there?!”

No. I did not get a ucking job out there. ha. Not yet at least! I have only made the decision to move out there about a week ago and so have only begun to apply for jobs out there.

Truth is, I’m ready for a new adventure!

Yes I will admit that I absolutely love DC. I couldn’t have asked for a better city to spend my four years of college in. Wash DC is where I have certainly met the strangest (read: interesting) assortment of people, been exposed to culture you cannot find anywhere else, revealed parts that make this place home, explored museums and spots that have enriched my way of thinking. I am beyond comfortable here. I know every running route, back roads of how to get around faster and beat traffic, all the major metro stops and all they have to offer as well as the tucked away neighborhoods that many out of towners would never expect to even exist in DC.

I’m comfortable here in DC and though that is in fact  so I am now ready to move and start the exciting adventure of discovering another great city and calling it home. If not now, when? I have NOTHING holding me back. My lease ends in a month, many of my friends are moving away, no boyfriend, no obligations really.

I might be doing it for the story. I might be doing it for the journey. I might just be doing it to get away from what I currently call my home, DC. But sht, I’m doing it!

When I look back on my life I don’t want to regret holding back, being afraid, and not having moved around when I had the chance.

Do this while you’re still young. Do not squander the time. You will never have it again. Because you won’t always be young. And life won’t always be just about you.

While life is still all about me, i am going to do as I wish and focus on myself.

I left my heart..

Okay. So I have a reputation in the blog world of not keeping up with new posts. In fact, it’s been nearly a year since I last posted – yikes.

But onward with the topic.

A couple of years ago I left my heart somewhere. You see, I left my heart in San Francisco and it was not until recently (literally last week) that I had an epiphany with my friend and decided that we were packing up our stuff and moving across country to San Fran.


Thanksgiving Installment

It’s like everyone knows they are going to be in a turkey sedated state in three days. Even though we are currently amidst the deadline for B&G, the office is rather quiet.


Cat Naps

I started out my day with a 7.81 mile run at 8:00 am – surely productive at an early hour on a Saturday if you ask me. BUT it all went downhill from there. By noon I was showered and back in bed for what I thought would be a short cat nap — next thing I know I am waking up to a clock that says 4:00 pm. Ugh.

It’s a paradox

“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”

– Mahatma Ghandi

casual thought

Gum seems inexpensive, but when you think about it’s value per piece times the amount you chew per year – or even a lifetime – tha faaa. I need to stop chewing and spitting out my money. JK. I’m going to keep chewing my gum.

It’s like forgetting the…

It’s like forgetting the words to your favorite song

My girl, Kate Spade.

I have a girl crush on Kate Spade. I do. Her accessories and shoes are just adorable, especially lately. Even her packaging! I’m pretty sure I would buy her packaging that’s how appealing it is.