Healthy Milkshake

by none

I love milkshakes. A lot. In fact, a bit too much.

My love for milkshakes is what some might call an unhealthy relationship. They taste downright heavenly.

But it’s okay because I found a substitute that nearly tastes just as good as a milkshake yet is much healthier. Feels wrong to call it a milkshake until you taste it and realize it’s a milksh– no wait its not, i think?


Okay okay so the first thing you have to do is..

 Freeze a banana (or two, because you’ll surely be wanting to make more sooner than later)
1/2 a cup of fat free milk
a few ice cubes
1 cup of nonfat vanilla greek yogurt
few tablespoons of vanilla protein powder (I usually add this when I’m drinking this after a workout)


Overall the ingredients are simple which is what makes this “milkshake” so healthy. Practically fat free yet the consistency of the greek yogurt as well as the frozen bananas gives it that rich and creamy taste the ice cream would of added — without the fat, fake sugar, and ingredients.