Enlightenment via Milk Carton

by none


Yeah. I just had an epiphany by drinking milk — from the carton. For the first time ever I drank the milk in the fridge straight from the carton.
No glass or cup & I thought to myself, “This is what life is all about.”

Again, what?

I drank it in such manner because no one was looking, because it’s unacceptable to drink from the communal milk carton when you live in a house with a few others.
Bad. Ass. No. Maybe.
How many times do you do things that aren’t okay to do, maybe even illegal, when people aren’t looking.? Exactly.
Whether it’s making an illegal U-turn or even picking a wedgie you always check your surrounding to make sure no one is around to see it.. & it is then when you do the act.

This milk carton made me things what else do people do when others arent looking? What else is going on in this crazy world?