I enjoy music with a good beat that gets me to run, books that make me laugh, and movies that are complex. As for television, i rarely watch. Besides traveling and running, i star gaze and bake cakes.

I practice the ism religions but not spiritually or by means of worship. Instead through being a vegetarian. I enjoy noshing & nutrition — making sure I feed my body like it’s my temple. However, I never neglect to take care of my sweet tooth. Sometimes I go overboard — kinda like Regina‘s mom (Mean Girls) tends to spoil her. But unlike Regina, I stay on par with my caloric intake by leveling it out with my caloric outtake. Thankfully I love to workout, particularly run around like a goon through the streets of DC.

I have the privilege of having many memories trigged by certain smells. I’m modestly vertically blessed. I’m a fein when it comes to chocolate. I have always depended on the kindness of strangers. Mind over matter, always. I love my past and cannot wait for my future but I’m looking forward to the memories of right now. Just gotta love all your sentimental virtue.

Love, Locomotives, and Laughs