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Latte Break

I frequent the good ol’ Starbucks more often than anything else including facebook. You know it’s a problem when you are a holder of the starbucks gold card (guilty). So even though I have starbucks to the left and right of my DuPont Circle office, I am on a self proposed mission to try out every other place near my office and avoid starbucks during my lunch breaks. The other morning I tried Yola — right off the DuPont circle on Connecticut Ave. I ordered a large skim latte with a splash of soy milk. Stop. It just might have been the best latte I have had, EVER. Believe me, I have tried many places in DC, LA (even urth cafe), Philadelphia, NYC, etc. It was soo good that I almost understood why it was $5. I need a frequent buyers card. I hope they have one.


Starbucks Mocha Cookie Crumble frappuccino

Promptly after successfully completing a seemingly endless project/course/task, it is tradition to go out and have a celebratory drink. And in the past 24 hours I have been doing just that.

I didn’t just stop at a few cold beers and mixed drinks, nope. I continued the celebratory drink streak and had my very first Starbucks Mocha Cookie Crumble frappuccino as my hang over cure.

Sh*t. Why. Why. Why did I do that?! I’m pretty sure that after my first sip of it, I am now dependent on it. I am also 100% sure that at that point in time when I made the decision to order that drink i was still a bit drunk? maybe. yeah, probably. Oh well, at least it wasn’t spiked. hmm now that I think about it, Baileys would have complemented the frappuccino nicely – to say the least.
So my mission in the next week or so is to recreate this frappuccino at home but instead use healthy ingredients.

Hippy Crack

If you’ve been to Baked & Wired in DC you’ve probably had some crack. Hippy crack that is. It definitely lives up to its name (Hippy Crack) because it’s THE most addictive granola I have ever had. Between the Hippy Crack granola, the vibe of the place, the people who work and go there and the hand crafted coffee as well the to die for baked goods (such as cupcakes) — you need to go to Baked & Wired.



Enlightenment via Milk Carton


Yeah. I just had an epiphany by drinking milk — from the carton. For the first time ever I drank the milk in the fridge straight from the carton.
No glass or cup & I thought to myself, “This is what life is all about.”

Again, what?

I drank it in such manner because no one was looking, because it’s unacceptable to drink from the communal milk carton when you live in a house with a few others.
Bad. Ass. No. Maybe.
How many times do you do things that aren’t okay to do, maybe even illegal, when people aren’t looking.? Exactly.
Whether it’s making an illegal U-turn or even picking a wedgie you always check your surrounding to make sure no one is around to see it.. & it is then when you do the act.

This milk carton made me things what else do people do when others arent looking? What else is going on in this crazy world?

Healthy Milkshake

I love milkshakes. A lot. In fact, a bit too much.

My love for milkshakes is what some might call an unhealthy relationship. They taste downright heavenly.

But it’s okay because I found a substitute that nearly tastes just as good as a milkshake yet is much healthier. Feels wrong to call it a milkshake until you taste it and realize it’s a milksh– no wait its not, i think?


Okay okay so the first thing you have to do is..

 Freeze a banana (or two, because you’ll surely be wanting to make more sooner than later)
1/2 a cup of fat free milk
a few ice cubes
1 cup of nonfat vanilla greek yogurt
few tablespoons of vanilla protein powder (I usually add this when I’m drinking this after a workout)


Overall the ingredients are simple which is what makes this “milkshake” so healthy. Practically fat free yet the consistency of the greek yogurt as well as the frozen bananas gives it that rich and creamy taste the ice cream would of added — without the fat, fake sugar, and ingredients.

my b(abies)ooks

Is it strange to say that I become attached to my books?
I’m an Amazon seller, that is i sell my previously owned books on there. After spending some quality time with my books for what usually goes for about a semester I find myself having to part ways with my book(s).
Even though the only reason i invest in such costly pieces of literature is because it is a requirement for my courses I still find myself caring about them. What? I mean yeah after all they have been there for me through thick and thin. When I am cuddled up in the corner of a couch with them in my hand and especially when I needed them most before a test.
So the least I can do before shipping out the book to its new owner is to go on facebook and look up who the buyer is. Is that creepy? idk maybe yeah it probably most likely definitely is.

my way.

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Quick, Catch!

Even as I am funemployed for a month or two I have failed to update on a regular basis. Nevertheless, in the past week I’ve trumped up with a few concoctions. Let’s start with the one recipe which caught everyone, including me by surprise & then left me (along with everyone who tried it) in disbelief. “What? What could it be?” you’re probably thinking.
Let me start with the name of this hybrid recipe.. brown sugar banana cupcakes with avocado buttercream”


Yeah you heard right, avocado on a banana bread type of base. Avocado? What?! Very unlike me to make something that does not make me drool at just the words. ‘Cause you know, who drools when they think of avocado buttercream? I hope no one. After justifying that avocado was indeed a fruit, which many mistaken it for a vegetable, along with seeing how many people commented and praised how good this cupcake is, I baked away.
A revelation, for sure.

Here is the original recipe that inspire me to make these cupcakes (from How Sweet It Is) mixed in with the changes* I made
Brown Sugar Banana Cupcakes
makes 12-20 cupcakes, depending on your scoop

1 1/3 cups flour
1 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
pinch of nutmeg *omitted
1 egg
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 large ripe bananas, mashed *only used 2
1/4 cup sour cream *used fage original greek yogurt, fat free
1/2 cup butter, melted

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a muffin tin with cupcake liners.

Combine dry flour, salt, baking soda, cinnamon and nutmeg and set aside. In a bowl, whisk egg and add brown sugar, mixing until smooth. Stir in vanilla extract. Add sour cream and melted butter and mix. Stir in dry ingredients, then add mashed bananas and mix until batter comes together. The batter will be thick. Using an ice cream scoop or 1/4 cup measure, scoop batter in liners. Bake for 15-18 minutes. Let cool completely.


Avocado Buttercream

2 ripe avocados
2 tablespoons butter, softened *used only 1 tablespoon
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
4 cups powdered sugar *used only 3 1/2 cups
pinch of salt

Cream avocado and butter together until smooth. With the mixer on low speed, add powdered sugar one cup at a time. Sprinkle in a pinch of salt and add vanilla. More sugar can be added if you’d like the frosting thicker. Frosting can be store in the fridge for up to three days — but i bet you it wont even last you three days. I kept the cupcakes refrigerated just like the original recipe recommended.



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