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My girl, Kate Spade.

I have a girl crush on Kate Spade. I do. Her accessories and shoes are just adorable, especially lately. Even her packaging! I’m pretty sure I would buy her packaging that’s how appealing it is.

Latte Break

I frequent the good ol’ Starbucks more often than anything else including facebook. You know it’s a problem when you are a holder of the starbucks gold card (guilty). So even though I have starbucks to the left and right of my DuPont┬áCircle office, I am on a self proposed mission to try out every other place near my office and avoid starbucks during my lunch breaks. The other morning I tried Yola — right off the DuPont circle on Connecticut Ave. I ordered a large skim latte with a splash of soy milk. Stop. It just might have been the best latte I have had, EVER. Believe me, I have tried many places in DC, LA (even urth cafe), Philadelphia, NYC, etc. It was soo good that I almost understood why it was $5. I need a frequent buyers card. I hope they have one.